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January 22, 2012


The very nature of denial of their own sexuality as man and women claim they do not have sex has to be questioned.

The very nature of these men and women who know nothing on raising up innocent children as a family.

The very nature of these men and women locking themselves up and torturing themselves in the name of God.

The very nature of these men and women coming from places we do not know from what kind of backgrounds no one knows only the Head of the religious who accepted them into the priesthood and the nunnery.

The very nature of not knowing their personal qualifications in education and all the above, can only lead way to cruelty and abuse toward children.

If any person who is not religious and does the above they would be classed as a very dangerous person, and everyone would want to know where they are so they would know if their neighborhood is safe or not, these people are no different.

We as parents should look into our children’s eyes and think how we will protect our loving little ones from such Religious falsehoods.
We make sure they get a better life than we ever did.
There is enough information in survivors/witnesses of abuse lives for the Government to protect our children through out the future.
Religion should be taught in the homes of those who want it, that way the priests and so on can visit the Families they claim they want to help where everything is above board and the children are not left alone with them.
*( This goes for all religions. )*
My answer to the people out there is NEVER leave your children alone because someone has a fixation on religion.

Educate children not to trust such people just because they say they are religious, a Vicar, a Priest, a Nun A bishop, a Pastor even the Pope and so on.

If I never put the word “RELIGIONS” in the title, but instead put the word “PRISONS” then this would make sense to the world, the only difference here to me is that one is State Punishment Institution, the other is a Volunteered Institution.

Looking at it the actual Institutions they are very close very close in their set up, just one claims to be good in society and the other is locked up for being caught doing bad in society but more than often many love their children.

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