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Social welfare and Witnesses/Survivors of Industrial school abuse

January 19, 2012

Do Witnesses/Survivors understand fully their rights with welfare and social issues?

The damage done to Witnesses/Survivors of Abuse, and how it has affected their lives is being ignored I believe.

Mr. Quinn in this video goes on about such damage as he publicly declares, and I quote ” ( talking about a memorial) we such have a living memorial with their stories and our records of RELIGIOUS and STATE  OF ABUSE” so survivors can point to this monument and explain to their children and their children’s children, why they (survivors)  due to their stolen childhoods could not live their full lives as ADULTS.

Here is one of the admittance by the Education minister himself.

Please listen to this Video and see how he uses us and our hurt to gain access to the Money and Church buildings as he goes on to take take and take. The news of survivors was high and fresh after The Ryan Report. I believe he used us as a mere Platform to gain the access to Religious moneys and buildings.

The very reason His party like the previous have taken 500 million plus euro form the 600 million plus euro to leave survivors a mere lousy 110 million euro. They claim it on the grounds it is their 50% towards the Redress act and the costs.

Wow so much for the Apology, Now he is in power is Dictating that the lousy 110 euro will be set up in a trust fund to be titled A Statuary Fund.

It doe not end there He as Minister of Education wants to dump the Education fund, the counseling fund and the family tracing fund into this Statuary Fund, leaving what ever is left for welfare problems.

So does this now lead the way for two people who commit the same crime will now only have to pay 50% each for that crime, or even do 50% of the time each?

Secondly does this Statuary Fund now leave way for the Government to dictate how charities are to spend their money donated to them by a public that has already paid their taxes?

I end here by saying,

Giving the very lack, or no education, Survivors have no chance of knowing where they stand today,  and here we see The Government who admitted openly THEY were as so is the Religious Guilty of these horrific crimes of abuse.

The welfare of these people who could not live a full adult life (as Mr. Quinn puts it in his own words) is being totally neglected as the finance to support them has been stolen by the Government from the 600 million plus euro contributions of the Religious.

It is not the community welfare who should be looking after survivors nor should unqualified, inexperienced, Groups, who’s staff have had no police check ups to work with the most vulnerable.

This 600 million plus should have been the finances to set up such a professional office to support those who suffered at the hands of Religious and State. witnesses/Survivors should have had this office from the start.

The Government and the Religious were so wrong to allow so many groups who were unqualified and inexperienced claim they represent survivors. The Government and the Religious were also very wrong to sit down and hold meetings behind closed doors with such Groups. Other wise any Tom, Dick,and Harry can run any office.

No documentation was ever printed in Layman’s  terms for survivors to understand their human rights.

Basically survivors have had no chance to understand anything. It was so easy to cheat the survivors out of millions.

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  1. Just found this video titled

    The Line. Should compensation be 50:50 between State and Church ?

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