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January 15, 2012


I say this because it is obvious the term SURVIVOR does not really explain what or how we are surviving in our everyday lives today. We are all witnesses of our own experiences as well as others who suffered the Industrial schools and of course the Magdalene Laundries.

We are also not being listened to, nor heard, nor understood by any government office who claimed on doing so in the Dail to the public tax payer.


  1. jack permalink

    hello Robert!

    • Hi Jack thank you for being the first to comment on my new site where I have not got a clue how to do yet LOL hope you are well

      • jack permalink

        hello industrialschool (robert?) ! i think we will get in because it takes me time to work out sites! hopefully some people from the shame of ireland site will come here and kickstart!

    • Hi Jack did you just get my message yet aah not used to this yet struggling here

    • What I was saying is thank you so much for being the first to comment on my new site I am still in the midst of learning ( not easy but trying hard)

  2. jack permalink

    being a survivor is not enough .

  3. jack permalink

    the meaning of the word “survivor”. doubtless the word survivor has different meanings to different people. the word survivor for me means somebody who has survived something. childhood abuse for example. but is being a survivor enough? what about being a thriver?

  4. jack permalink

    hi again industrialschool! yes i can see your 3 messages to me! give up the struggle!

  5. jack permalink

    is really ok industrialschool. i understand.

  6. jack permalink

    as good as i can be.

  7. Albert permalink

    Robert, when one looks at your website it soon becomes clear that you are experiencing concerns with various departments with their lack of response.
    I know how you feel because I haven’t received a response from you in relation to our e-mail dated 27th January 2012.

    • Hi Albert I am so sorry as i am new at this and still trying to find how the site works please forgive me.
      Albert,sometimes I just get tired of trying to work this site so please do not take anything personal.This was the first time I had seen your comments and I would like to thank you for sending.
      When you say our email who do you mean please just so that I know. By the way no I did not get any copy of the email.
      My heart is good to do what ever I can to please, but as I said to others I am very new at this and find it hard, but I hope to do better, thank you Albert again highest respect Robert

  8. Albert permalink

    Robert, would you be as kind to correct me if I am wrong I sent my e-mails to the following e-mail address:

  9. Jack permalink

    i too made this error in mixing up Rob with Robert! they are two different people!

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